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A brief history of the International Magic Shop

Established for more than 60 years, we are a family business that was started by award winning magician, Ron MacMillan. The company is now run by Ron's son & daughter, Martin & Georgia. During these 60 years, the world of Magic has seen many changes, as has London, throughout this time International Magic has remained in its central London premises, serving our customers (many of whom become our friends) as we would expect to be served ourselves.

In the 1960s, we introduced a magazine titled 'Magic Info'. Produced bi-monthly, it continued for over 100 issues and I shall soon be putting random issues on this website for visitors to peruse. In 1972, we purchased the Unique Magic Studio in Brewer Street, and for a couple of years, had two magic shops running simultaneously in central London (it was a very different time for the high street). Our trading name was changed to 'International-Unique Magic Studio' for a while, but it proved quite a mouthful, especially when answering the telephone, so we reverted back to International Magic and in 1974 moved everything back to our preferred base in Clerkenwell.

In 1972 , Ron began an annual magic convention that was to continue for 44 years, during those years it grew from one day, encompassing a full week in its final years. The venues were always in central London, always prestigious ('The London Palladium', 'Her Majesty's Theatre' and 'The Mermaid Centre' among others) and displayed some of the best talent that the world of magic had to offer, it became affectionately known and is remembered as 'Ron's Day'. In 1984, the 'International Close Up Competition' was added to the convention, this attracted great talent from around the world as can be seen from the lists of competitors and winners. Fortunately, these competitions were recorded and can be purchased elsewhere on this website.

During those years, we have proudly welcomed some of the greatest magicians into our humble surroundings, and we hope also, that if you visit London, we can welcome you too.