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Counts, Cuts & Moves With Cards - by David Jones (Streamed Video)

  • The perfect way to learn the essential sleights & moves required in card magic
  • Various Counts, Moves, Shuffles & Cuts, all taught in detail
  • A super way to learn those tricks you thought you'd never do
  • You'll watch this again & again and always return to it for reference

A note from Martin:

These are Martin's notes...


A lesson that teaches the vital counts, cuts and moves necessary in performing card magic. Very clean handling and clear instruction is the way expert magician Dave Jones teaches. 

Various camera angles ensure perfect viewing and enable easy learning - with the addition of some simple fakes, you're even taught some great routines.
Aimed at teaching everyone from beginner to established card handlers, the various sleights that are often required in card magic, and particularly used in small packet card tricks. 
You will often find while reading a book, or having purchased a card trick, that the explanation for a move is not clearly dealt with. Fortunately, this contains the solution. It covers a wide range of sleights, moves, cuts & shuffles, and shows in great detail, how to correctly present/perform them.
Professional magician, David Jones, is a performer with many years of experience. He know his magic and imparts his knowledge willingly. He shows the moves first with performance, then again in explanation. But it's more than just the moves, he throws in the history, he uses the moves in full performance routines, he even teaches the routines.
These Moves are shown & taught -
Elmsley Count
Jordan Count
Buckle Count
Dribble Force
The Glide
Double Undercut
Charlier Shuffle
Olram Subtlety
Hamman Count
Flushstration Count
Hype Move
Mexican Turnover
Ascanio Spread
Down Jog Cull
Braue Reversal
False Shuffle (various)
False Cut (Various)
The following routines are also shown and taught -
Ghost Card (the original routine of Alex Elmsley)
Twisting The Aces
Six Card Repeat
My Drink Trick (Oliver MacKenzie, trick not supplied, but can be purchased separately)
Biddle Trick
Design For Laughter
Ten Card Brainwave
Wild Card
3-Card Monte
4 of a Kind
This is a fantastic reference tool, anytime you need refreshing on any of these subtleties in card magic. Simply watch this, enjoy the performance, get your cards out and join in with the magic!
Duration approximately 100 minutes

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Counts, Cuts & Moves

Media Type Digital Lesson

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