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Daryl - 2nd Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • Practical magic taught by 'The Magician's Magician' Daryl
  • Card Magic, Rope Magic, Money Magic
  • Impromptu Magic

Note from Martin:

These are Martin's notes...

Known among the fraternity as 'The Magician's Magician', Daryl was loved and admired by both his peers and his lay audiences. In this lecture, you have the opportunity to feel the warmth of his audience toward him. His magic knowledge was immense, his style unique, his technique impeccable. It's these qualities that earned him the respect of the magic world and among many other accolades, the first prize for card magic at the FISM world championship, in Lausanne Switzerland 1982.

This lecture is filled with magic that's both practical and commercial, the routines are powerful, they're fully explained and include some you'll use right away.

Contents include:

Tipped In Lucca: A borrowed shuffled deck, a card is freely chosen, the spectator shuffles the deck, Daryl finds the card. All fair and above board, or is it? Daryl shows a gambling method that's so clean and so easy, you'll be tempted to keep it to yourself.

Spring Break: Daryl's tips on the 'Pinky Break' along with a detailed explanation of the 'Cardini Spring Break'.

Sliding Knot: It's a most practical version with any rope and no preparation. A knot is tied, it's slid down the rope, it's vanished, it's easy.

Automatic Jog Control - Paul LePaul: Back to cards, Daryl performs a routine using the 'Jog Control', then goes into great detail on the method (includes tips on the pressure fan and one handed closing fan).

False Cuts: Various False Cuts and the use of them, including the 'Slydini False Cut' and the 'Oops table Pass' . Practical card handling the easy way.

A Puzzling Bill Vanish: Where does the fiver go? This is magic with money - regular notes, an entertaining routine that's repeated, the £5 note simply vanishes each time and it's all left for examination. Great anywhere, anytime and any currency routine.

Whispering Queens: A peek with a plot, Daryl shows a super method to peek a chosen card.

Instantaneous Knot - Daryl Style: A knot appears in the centre of a regular piece of rope, any rope, no set up.

Dai Vernon's Multiple Card Control: Performed and fully explained, Daryl shows why this is a perfect stand up card trick.

Moula Maker: Daryl finishes the lecture, but the audience won't let him go. He shows one more, a money printing effect that you'll easily make and use. It's a superb finish to a wonderful lecture. The audience loved it, and you'll love it too.


Duration approximately 70 minutes, recorded in 1996 at the Magic MacMillan Magic convention, London.

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  1. Daryl (2nd Lecture)

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