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Jackie McClements Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • Practical & Powerful Close Up Magic
  • Includes Tips & Twists on Classic Moves
  • Magic For The Real World
  • Cards, Coins, Sponge Balls & other simple props

This lecture by Jackie McClements was recorded at our MacMillan Magic Convention. It contains practical & powerful Close Up Magic, that works for both magicians and  the layperson. Routines include...

Barely Naked - A nudist deck routine that enables the performer to show a blank pack of cards on both sides, before printed both backs & fronts (using a regular deck and one simple gaff)

Knocking On Heaven's Door - An impromptu card routine with a Holy concept

Paddle A-Cross - A paddle effect with a difference

Boston Box - Jackie's excellent coins across routine using a Boston Box & two plastic beakers

Dice Stacking - This is something you'll do blindfold, you really will!

Cigarette Restoration - As the title says, a used cigarette is fully restored

Flash Pass - Jackie's excellent handling of 'The Pass'

Remember To Forget - Two cards freely selected, one is named and instantly appears reversed in the centre of the deck

Ball Beneath - Sponge Balls, a super handling and simple routine using only two balls

One Hundred & Eighty - An instant colour change happens as the deck is simply turned through 180 degrees

Shock Treatment - Jackie's brilliant version of 'The Travellers' effect, a cleverly thought out routine.

The video runs for approximately 65 minutes and contains plenty of tips along with these powerful routines

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  1. Jackie McClements Lecture (Streamed)

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