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Scotty York Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • Close-Up Magic for professional magicians
  • Routines from Scotty York's repertoire
  • Learn from the best
  • Nearly 2 hours, includes detailed explanation

These routines that Scotty York used for his professional work as a Bar and Corporate Magician, are both shown and explained in detail. They're routines that stood the test of time, and during the many performances were honed to perfection.

Scotty starts the lecture, by giving a few tips about psychology in performing for the layperson, these are tips picked up from thousands of professional performances. He then proceeds with performances and explanations of some of his pet routines that got him the reputation as one of the world's top Bar & Corporate magicians.

Note: Some of the routines will require gaff cards and gimmicks to be made, most of the gimmicks can be produced with basic technical skills, and resulting prop is well worth the effort.


These routines are included:

Borrowed Banknote in Borrowed Cigarette
Colour Change Knives (Gimmicked knives required)
Signed Card in Pocket Watch (Gimmicked watch requires making)
Bicycle Built For Five (Gimmicked cards required)
Shuffled Fox (Special wallet requires making)
Revolutionary Aces - Atomic Aces (Gimmicked cards required)
Pocket Card Sword (Gimmicked knife requires making)
Coin to Wristwatch (Watch requires making)

These excellent routines are explained in detail, with all the hiccups ironed out.

Recoded on 2nd December 1995 at the MacMillan Magic Convention, London. duration 1 hour 50 minutes


This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Scotty York Lecture (Streamed Video)

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