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Ali Bongo Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • A live recording of Ali Bongo lecturing to magicians in London 1994
  • Ali performs and explains some of his practical magic creations
  • The items can all be easily put together or built with minimum effort.
  • Visual magic to suit all magicians

Ali Bongo's love of magic took him around the world, constantly in demand to perform at Magic Conventions or advise at Theatre & Television shows. 

He was magical advisor for a host of British Television Shows, including The David Nixon and Paul Daniels shows. His creativity that was second to none as was his magic knowledge. 
In this lecture, his creativity and knowledge stands out magnificently. He avoids sleight of hand, he keeps things simple and produces magic that's both visual and practical. Showing how with the simplest of props that you can make yourself, the material in this lecture can give a full show that could be performed for an audience of children, or adults, with equal effect.
Contents include:
Linking & Stretching Rope:- As the title suggests, short pieces of rope tied in loops, are linked together, before one of them stretches into a huge loop.
Kings & Castles:- Ali's avoidance of sleights when unnecessary, is never more apparent than in this card routine, and it can even be performed to a large audience. Four Kings are placed individually into separate glasses. Then three regular cards, taken from the pack are added to each glass. To a delightful story, the cards are removed from three of the glasses, the individual Kings are vanished and all  join the King in the 4th glass. No sleights, no gaffed cards, just some very clever thinking.
Matchbox Monte:- A lovely take on the rattling matchbox in the sleeve idea. In this routine, Ali apparently lets you in on the secret, or you think he does, but there's a great sucker finish!
Colour Change Rose:- A White Rose changes into a Red Rose that can be given to the spectator. An idea created out of necessity for a Theatre show, he continued to use it including it in one of the Paul Daniels shows and elaborating it into a Silk To Rose.
Pencil Prediction:- Pencils are eliminated one by one according to a spectator's choice. The final one was predicted from the start. No outs, 100% correct, Ali even adds a way to perform this to children into the lecture.
Odd Prediction:- A small folder that's easy to make, has a self contained method of predicting a chosen number.
Chung Ling Houdini:- Using a 'Chinese Coin' and a length of cord. Ali shows how the coin escapes from being locked inside a paper tube, to re-appear threaded onto the cord - a washer can be used instead of the coin.
Ring Gozinta:- This is a perfect table hopping routine, using a simple set of small 'Gozinta Boxes'. A borrowed coin vanishes from under a handkerchief and appears inside the Gozinta boxes.
Mixed Up Prediction:- A triple prediction of a spectator's mixed up pack of cards. So simple, it works itself but looks impossible. Ali uses Jumbo cards, but it can be done using regular cards also.
Flower Dream:- A beautiful effect where small silks plucked from blooms of a flower, blend into a large colourful silk, meanwhile the flower magically blossoms again. In watching, you'd think there's some clever mechanics needed. However, as is typical with Ali's creativity, the method is simplicity itself and something you can put together yourself with relative ease.
3-Way Folder:- A paper folder with a clear pouch, that's used for changing, vanishing or producing items in the clear pouch. Ali leaves us with various ideas for its use.
This magic is visual, it's practical and it's easy to do.  Ali states at the opening of the lecture, that everything can be made using ordinary objects or things you'd have, or can make at home.
Duration approximately 60 minutes.
This is a live recording of one of Ali's many lectures and was given at the MacMillan Magic Convention, London, in December 1994, at which he was the regular Compere. In subsequent years, Ali was to become the president of The Magic Circle. 
Ali was dedicated to magic throughout his life and we feel extremely fortunate to have been close associates of Ali Bongo and to have this lecture included in our range.
Born William Wallace, Ali was known as Ali Bongo or in the David Nixon shows, the assistant Alistair. He was respected by the magic fraternity, achieving many of the highest awards and became president of The Magic Circle in 2008. 

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