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Bob Ostin Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • Bob captures his audience while explaining some great magic
  • Vanishing Deck
  • Submarine Card
  • The Frog Fold
  • The Backward Card Trick
  • That's some of the tricks, but there's many more

Note from Martin:

Martin's notes...


Bob Ostin's lecture was recorded at the International Magic Convention, London. This was the last lecture that Bob presented and what a lecture it was! He began the lecture in a gentle manner, talking to his audience with affection. Within 30 seconds they're captured and he hits them hard with a deck vanish that's pure magic. The audience is baffled and amazed, but he's only just started. It builds with every trick, he entertains with every routine, and from the humble beginning to the standing ovation finish, the audience is enchanted by his magic.
These routines are beautifully performed and fully explained...
Vanishing Deck
The Backward Card Trick
Pipe Dream
Coins Across (Larry Jennings)
Submarine Card (Nautilus Card)
Topsey Turvey
The Frog Fold
Skull Location
All this plus performances of some of Bob's pet routines which are both entertaining and hilarious.
If you never got the opportunity to see this great performer work, you're in for a treat that you'll watch again and again. If you were lucky enough to see Bob Ostin, then you know what a treat you're in for.

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