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Eugene Burger Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • A lecture on the performance of close up magic
  • Thoroughly explained tricks
  • Details on construction of a show
  • A lecture you'll watch again & again

Note From Martin

These are Martin's notes...


Eugene presents this lecture beautifully. It’s not packed with tricks but is packed with information, useful and useable information. He begins with performance, a little over ten minutes; a deliberately constructed performance consisting of four sections. He then proceeds through the lecture to explain each of those sections in great detail. Why the tricks in each section are chosen, how he makes them memorable to the audience, and how he performs them for maximum impact.

The first routine is Cutting Ten (David Solomon); here, Eugene uses the False Path principle perfectly. It makes for an ideal opener, and Eugene explains why in detail further in the lecture.

It’s followed by Eugene’s handling and method for the ‘Limited Edition’ (Larry Jennings) version of the ‘Princess Card Trick’. His simple addition to this classic effect makes a huge difference.

Continuing the card magic, Eugene now takes Paul Rosini’s ‘Double Reverse’ and mixes it with a Spirit Cabinet theme. The effect is powerful, the effort is minimal. It’s a haunting performance, making excellent use of a ‘Glorpy’ and simple rising matchbox.

The final section of the performance is Eugene’s production of a shot glass full of drink from an empty paper bag.

A little over 10 minutes, and the performance is over. Eugene spends the remaining time with the real work of the lecture. He gives a detailed explanation of the effects and their handling, including thoughts on Construction, Framework, Emotion & Meaning. This lecture doesn’t just teach some great magic tricks; it teaches how to perform great magic, opening the way for you to take your performance to a higher level.

There’s handling tips continuously thrown in, taking questions from the audience along the way. Plus, you’ll learn how to use a rubber cover, how to make a simple rising matchbox (perfect for close-up), and a super card routine that’ll give your audience a chill at Halloween.

All simple to do, all extremely powerful, Eugene’s thinking is something that future magicians can cherish forever.

Recorded at the MacMillan Magic Convention, London 6th December 1997. Duration approx 60 mins

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  1. Eugene Burger Lecture

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