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Salvano Lecture (Streamed Video)

  • Advanced & original Thumb Tip use
  • Incredible Rope Magic
  • Includes Salvano's Stage Performance
  • Tips & secrets from one of Magic's Greats

Note from Martin:

These are Martin's notes...


Over many years, I spent much time with Salvano. At the various magic conventions around the world, we often discussed magic. Needless to say, I learnt much from him. 

He was naturally an extremely talented performer. But from humble beginnings, and his younger days in Poland, meant he was limited on the equipment and knowledge attainable to him. 
He told me how in his youth he had read about a Thumb Tip, but could not purchase one. So, he drilled a piece of wood, carved and painted it, the result was his first Thumb Tip. He then went about using it, and he used it in a way that you'd never dream of. When you watch this lecture, with this insight, you'll understand why his peers in the audience are spellbound and focused on both his performance and teaching.
Salvano, considered by many to be one of the world's great magicians, was recorded in London in 1990, presenting his excellent lecture to a gathering of expert magicians at the MacMillan Magic Convention. This recording gives us the opportunity to understand the thinking behind Salvano's magic.
In this lecture, he goes into detail about the use of the Thumb Tip & some beautiful Rope Magic. It may sound like old hat, but until you see a performer like Salvano use a Thumb Tip, you don't know what you've missed. Fortunately, it's all recorded here, in a lecture that runs for approximately 90 minutes, followed by his stage performance from the same convention. The lecture covers his real secrets of handling a Thumb Tip, plus some Cut & Restored Rope handling, that'll have you reaching for the remote to watch again & again. 
Added to this, you'll have the chance to watch Salvano presenting some card productions, plus a full performance of his beautiful stage act, presented to magicians at the Empire Rooms, London in 1990.
The learnings of great magicians from the past are invaluable to us, we are fortunate to have Salvano's lecture & performance recorded on media we can study at home.
Recorded in London, 1990. Duration approx 100 minutes


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  1. Salvano Lecture

Media Type Digital Lesson

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