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ESP Deck (Bicycle)

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  • Full pack of ESP cards
  • Perfectly printed by USPCC
  • Full online tuition for many tricks

Note from Martin:

ESP cards are often used by mentalists as a substitute for playing cards, they consist of clear and different designs and are more appropriate for mind reading routines. ;This pack consists of 10 sets in a variety of colours plus 6 additional cards and a download of magic routines you can perform with them.
This ESP deck contains 56 playing cards with perfectly printed ESP symbols on the faces,
2 full sets of five standard cards (Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square & Star) in black. 
2 full sets in red
2 full sets in blue
2 full sets in green
1 full set in orange
1 full set in yellow
6 extra cards each with a design representing a number between 6 and 11 
The pack comes with an excellent online tuition teaching in detail a whole range of magic & mentalism tricks...
The features of the online tuition are...
Overview of the Deck
The Basics
The Shiner
Encore Card Stab
ESP Mind Reading
The Prediction
The Box Prediction
The Bet
Pre-Show Effect
Match, No Match
The Vibe
Two of a Kind
Ultimate Match-Up
Simple Easy ESP
Out of this World
black & Blue
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