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Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere & 3D Rabbits

£4.50 - £12.50
  • Commercial close up magic
  • A sponge routine that audiences love
  • Used by top professionals the world over

You have a choice of the Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere, Pro size or the 3-D Rabbits set, both are Goshman products.

The regular set includes 3 Large Bunnies (2.5") and 5 Small Bunnies
The Pro size Set includes 3 Large Bunnies, 20 Small Bunnies (one of them black) and an aspirin tablet.
The 3-D set includes 5 'baby' rabbits and 3 'adult' rabbits plus a written routine by Michael Ammar.
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£4.50 - £12.50