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Thumb Tips / Fingertip & False Finger sets

£3.00 - £17.50
  • Pack of 7 various tips: £17.50 (Out of Stock)
  • The most versatile of Magician's accessories
  • A variety available
  • Video tuition available

Note from Martin:

Our best selling Thumb Tip is the Vernet regular. However, if you are looking for a smaller (or childs) Thumb Tip, then maybe use a Fingertip. Should you be looking for a more speialised one, there's the King Size (Long Thumb Tip) or XXL (this is much, much wider than the standard tip).
The False Fingertip Set includes five different types - A false curved finger, sixth finger, Thumb Tip, Fingertip & Little Fingertip.
The Vernet set of Fingertips includes seven different Fingertips - A regular Thumb Tip, Soft Thumb Tip, King Size Thumb Tip, XXL Thumb Tip, Junior Thumb Tip, Fingertip & Little Fingertip.
Vernet tips are generally accepted among magicians as the best quality tips. You have a choice of sets here. You can purchase anything from just a single Thumb Tip right up to the False Finger or seven piece Fingertip set. If you are new to using the Thumb Tip or concerned about matching the colour etc. then I would suggest the Thumb Tip with DVD, Book & Silk Hanky set, the DVD teaches exactly how to use the tip and gives various routines for it and the book gives a total of 50 tricks with the Thumb Tip.
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£3.00 - £17.50
  • Pack of 7 various tips: £17.50 (Out of Stock)