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Cube Sum

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  • Mathematical Magic trick
  • Predict the total showing on the dice
  • Repeat with a different total
  • Easy to do, can be examined

Note from Martin:

Six dice, each with different numbers and different colours on all sides are given to a spectator for examination. They are then placed out in any order by the spectator, so that a differing number and colour is showing uppermost on each dice. The magician instantly knows the total of all numbers showing on the tops of the dice. The trick is then repeated, this time the magician writes a prediction before the dice are placed out - the numbers are added, the prediction is shown to be correct (it is also likely to be a completely different number to the previous total).
A great mathematical trick with an original principle. The dice are high quality and you are supplied with all the know how in the written instruction. What's more - it's easy to do, can be fully examine and is instantly repeatable with a random different total.
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