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Hopping Halves - Sun and Moon

  • Half $/Old Penny (Out of Stock)
Only 1 left!
  • A repeat Coin re-appearance
  • You finish clean
  • Routine packed with surprises
  • Professional magic that's easy to do

Note from Martin:

Effective coin magic that can be done as close as you like and finishes clean, yet requires no sleight of hand. This is magic for anytime, anywhere. Supplied as 10p & 2p coins or half $ and old British Penny.

This is both baffling and entertaining. An effect that breaks the ;standard Magicians rule of 'not repeating a trick'. 

Two coins (10p & 2p) are placed into an otherwise empty hand, one coin is removed and put into the magician's pocket. Yet when the hand is opened, the coin has returned. This is repeated with the other coin, again it returns. Once more, a coin is clearly removed and placed into the pocket, yet it still returns. A final time, a coin is removed from the hand, placed into the pocket, does it return, or does it not? there's a super surprise at the finish. 

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  • Half $/Old Penny (Out of Stock)
Only 1 left!