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Mechanic Optricks (Red) Deck

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  • Visual & unusual card magic
  • Specially printed cards for optical effects
  • Even the box is gaffed
Note: The seal is used for one of the effects with this pack, so it should be opened carefully by inserting a thin blade ;into the box and running it along the edge.

The original Optricks deck was a huge hit and sold out before many of us could get a chance to handle them. Now, the Red edition is here, with even more innovations. These are much more Gaffed than your usual Gaff Cards, they have optical illusions printed into the cards! So, with some basic sleights, you'll be performing eye-popping routines. What's more, there's online tuition to get you started.

Features of this pack...
Flip ;Book Animation
Anamorphic Queen Gaff
OptiBox 'Empty Box' Gaff
Grinder Double Sider
Double Backer
Custom Ace Of Spades
Stylized Standard Court Cards
Bee Stock with Magician's Finish
Printed by USPCC
Free Tutorial
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