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My Drink Trick (Oliver Mackenzie)

  • Commercial Close Up Magic
  • A great bar trick
  • No reset required

Note from Martin:

Story telling tricks often have a greater impact on the audience because the magic is illustrated by the story. None have a greater impact than Oliver McKenzie's 'My Drink Trick'. Performed to a novel story, four cards magically turn face up, one by one. These four indifferent cards then become aces. Now, picture cards appear one at a time, the first shows the picture of a bag of money, next a pub, then some beer, followed by champagne. The changes continue, fourteen in all, finishing with a novel climax. A great card trick that they'll remember forever! Considered by many professionals, as the most commercial packet card trick ever invented. With one simple sleight, the audience are treated to a total of 14 different surprises. The cards are continuously counted from one hand to the other as four cards, yet they constantly change while an amusing story is told.
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