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Drawer Box - Small

  • Produce or vanish small objects
  • The box can be shown completely empty, re-opened and instantly full
  • Easy to do anywhere, anytime

Note from Martin:

The Drawer Box is a classic piece of apparatus that's been used by magicians to produce items since the mid 19th century. It was first described in English by Professor Hoffmann in his book, 'Modern Magic' first published 1876). Originally made from wood, early versions were made to resemble jewellery boxes.
A great advantage of the Drawer Box when compared to other production apparatus, is that the items to be produced, can completely fill the drawer and do not have to be concealed in a smaller, hidden compartment.
This small plastic version of the Drawer Box, has a drawer that can be opened and shown to be completely empty. Yet at any time, the magician can simply close and re-open the drawer, showing it is now to be completely full of a variety of items. Ideal productions are sweets, silk scarves or any other items that completely fill the drawer.
Made in plastic, this is a nice quality version compared to others that are currently on the market.
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