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Electronic Release

  • Easy to perform Escape Trick
  • Can be used as a straight forward Chain Escape, or as an entire comedy routine
  • Solidly made, can be examined

Note from Martin:

Titled 'Electronic Release' because of the speed of the escape, not the method. The performer has both wrists securely padlocked into the chains, yet, at any instant, can release one or both hands with ease. As quickly as the escape is effected, the performer can reverse the situation so that either or both hands are again securely captured.
This works a treat, the method is ingenious but simple to operate allowing the performer to put full effort into performance.

An unusual escape prop in that having escaped in seconds, it allows the performer to return to the shackled position in an instant! Capable of so many routines, both serious and comedy, this versatile ;piece is solidly made and can be fully examined.

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