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Eternal Rope Rings

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  • Coloured rope loops, placed into a change bag link as a chain, then become one rope
  • Visual magic
  • Change bag required (not supplied) to perform

A beautiful and colourful magic trick involving 4 small loops of rope, each a different colour. The loops are placed into a bag (a change bag, not supplied but is required and can be purchased separately), the magician makes a magical gesture and a spectator is invited to remove the loops from the bag - to their amazement the loops have all joined together in a chain. This is repeated with the joined loops being placed back into the bag, this time though, when the spectator attempts to remove one of the loops, the rope comes out in one big multi coloured loop.

Super magic, ideal for stand up or parlour magic and perfect for children's entertainers.
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Tags Easy Magic
Media Type Shipped Product

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Only 3 left!