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Jumbled Numbers

  • Numbers on a scarf re-arrange with a shake
  • Visual, fun magic for the kids entertainer
  • Easy to do
  • Simple to reset

Note from Martin:

Extremely visual and easy to perform, yet packs into the smallest space for transporting.
This is a super trick to show for young children. It's extremely visual, yet packs into a small space and can even be produced from another prop. It easily involves your child audience as they're quick to inform you of the mixed up order of numbers. Getting them to count 1 to 6 they shout it loud as you shake the scarf and the numbers re-arrange as if by magic.
A large silk streamer with numbers 1 - 6 printed on it, but in a mixed up order, is freely shown front & back. At any given moment, the magician simply shakes the streamer and the numbers instantly re-arrange into the correct order. Great for showing to young children, being both educational and entertaining.
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