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Corvello's Coincidence

  • A great piece of coincidence mentalism using two packs of cards
  • Intriguing and baffling, a full performance piece
  • Easy to do and easy to reset

This miracle uses two packs of cards (one Red, one Blue), a card is freely selected from one pack and placed face up on the table. The other pack is now opened and the cards are counted individually face up while searching for the match of the selected card. However, there are only 51 cards, the pack is missing one card and that card is the selected one. What's more, the selected card is now turned over to reveal its back is the same colour as the second (51 card) pack.

Both packs are always on display, It's easy to perform and only two packs are used with no switching of card or cards. A great piece of Mentalism with playing cards.

(Note: This entire trick is also fully explained on page 155 of the excellent book 'Dave Campbell Legacy'. Simply purchase that book and you'll have this among the many other amazing card tricks and you can use your own playing cards).
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