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Boris Wild Lecture DVD

  • Marked Card System
  • Tricks specifically aimed at using his system
  • Includes explanation of his stack

The excellent Card Magician, Boris Wild, is now known among magicians for his Marked Deck System. This lecture was recorded at a time when Boris had only recently introduced the system and during the lecture he teaches how to mark your own deck.

Since then, and because of its popularity, the Boris Wild Marked Deck is now available printed by the USPCC.
In this lecture, Boris shows how to properly use a marked deck, pointing out how not to use one in doing so. He splits the lecture into two sections, one for performance, one for explanation. In performance, you get to see some of the strongest card magic possible. In explanation, you get to see how simply this can be created.
He makes subtle of his marked deck, showing why it's the perfect system for magicians, and how when used correctly, it's the most powerful weapon a card magician can have.
Wild Card (Mission Impossible):- Boris begins the lecture with the introduction of his 'Kiss Count', cleverly using it in a powerful 'Wild Card' routine. He points out how this simple count makes a great substitute for the popular 'Flushstration Count' and is more suited in many routines.
Instant Memory:- A thoroughly shuffled deck and two spectators, they each choose and hide a card while the magician looks away. Claiming to have an instant memory, the magician quickly looks through the pack and correctly names both missing cards.
Unexplainable:- Boris makes a great addition to Dai Vernon's 'The Trick That Cannot Be Explained', he rightly calls it 'Unexplainable'. Fortunately, he then does a very good job of explaining it!
Sandwich:- The subtle use of his marking system throughout the lecture, makes standard tricks so much more powerful. This Sandwich of a chosen card is an excellent example!
Miracle:- Boris explains how, on first hearing of the 'Any Card At Any Number' trick, he really wanted to perform it. However, being unimpressed by the methods he saw used. He created 'Miracle', a practical version that he uses, and I'm sure you will too!
Retained Card:- A beautiful effect to finish on. A spectator chooses a card, but in such a way that the magician could not possibly know the card, it's chosen by a spectator, then the cards are shuffled by the spectator, all done while the magician looks away! Using a very clever method though, Boris does know the card, and he finishes the lecture by revealing it in a most magical way.
Throughout the lecture, Boris uses his marked deck. If you already own one, then the lecture alone is perfect for you. If you do not, then it's advisable to purchase a pack along with the DVD. He also uses his memorized deck system and any memorized deck can be used. His is a simple mathematical system and he briefly explains it while pointing out that you can learn it within minutes. It's true, I did so while watching the DVD.
Duration approximately 90 minutes.
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