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Roger Crosthwaite - A Tribute to Victor Farelli DVD

  • Victor Farelli's influence on magic is discussed and covered by two of Britain's master magicians
  • Many moves are taught
  • Great routines are shown
This is one for the card experts, and those of us wanting to become card experts! It's presented by both Roger Crosthwaite and Michael Vincent, who are assisted by Brian Sibley.
Roger begins the lecture by explaining the influence Victor Farelli's writings have had on himself, and other classic magicians, and how this has continued its influence on the modern magician.
Talking about the magic principles that Victor Farelli used, the simplicity of plot, or lend me your pack. The of intricate detail in every move, and every movement, enabling sleights to go unnoticed and routines to have maximum effect. Roger proceeds to show and explain his versions of his favourite Farelli routines.
He then introduces Michael Vincent, who performs his favourite Farelli routine - 'Up The Sleeve', it's powerful and it's magical, and fortunately, Michael explains it in detail.
To finish, Roger returns and treats us to a performance accompanied by music, of a routine that in tribute to Farelli's writings, he appropriately titles 'Almost In Confidence'. It's a fitting finish of poetic magic, using many moves previously taught in the lecture, and gets an huge response from the audience.
Contents include:
A Strange Hallucination
Poker & Brag
Up The Sleeve
Almost In Confidence (performance only)
During the few routines explained, there are many, many moves and much detail, including - The Deal Force, Marlo's Anchored Add On, Strike 2nd Deal, Stuart Gordon Turnover, Skin Grip, Ascanio's In Transit Action, Marlo Clip, Herman Pass and many more. ;
In all, this is beautiful card magic and powerful routines that are going to require practice, but are well worth the effort!
Duration approximately 80 minutes
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