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Will Houstoun Lecture DVD

  • Flipper Fly (3 Fly)
  • Special K
  • Guestimation
  • Shadow Coins

Will Houstoun is one of the real talents from the U.K. He burst onto the Magic scene in 2005 by taking third place in our own prestigious MacMillan Magic Close-Up Competition, then went on to confirm his standing by taking first prize in the British Magic Championships. Since then, Will has confirmed his position in magic and is currently editor of the Magic Circle's members magazine, The Magic Circular. ;He has studied and excelled in the history of magic and completed a thesis on Professor Hoffman, allowing him the title, Dr. Will Houstoun. This lecture DVD gives you the chance to watch Will and ;learn some of his high quality card and coin magic.

Contents include performance & explanation of these routines...
Flipper Fly
Special K
Blank Deck (Ace production only explained)
Fire Coins
Baker's Free Fly
Shadow Coins
There's also detail on various moves including Will's variation of the French Drop & The Orion Count. A great DVD to enjoy and learn some great magic.
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