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Andy Nyman DVD

  • Mentalism & Card Magic
  • Deep Red Prediction
  • Charade
  • Killer Elite
  • Plus other routines with plenty of tips along the way
Andy Nyman is successful in both his acting and his magic careers, in this lecture, you get to see why. He uses his acting skills to great effect, openly telling of its importance while explaining the methods in magic he employs.
The routines are a treat to watch, they're incredibly baffling, yet amazingly simple. But that's the whole point in this lecture, watch it through, then study it again and then again. Here, you have the chance to understand the importance of performance and character. There's tips, lots of them, given in detail. Tips on Pre-Show work, on audience management, so many of them along the way. But look a little deeper and you really see how the most powerful magic & mentalism, can be made out of the most simplest of methods.
Contents include:
Deep Red Prediction:- Inspired by the Koran Medallion effect, this is a powerful prediction of a named film and freely chosen number, all in an entertaining routine.
Charade:- Putting magic to music, this great 'Do As I Do' type routine in two parts. First a card matching, then a location, all with only a basic set up.
Killer Elite:- Andy's popular effect, performed to perfection and explained in detail. A great study for use of outs.
Videodrome:- Originally, this was a trick sold by Andy, it uses a video cassette to make a prediction. Unlikely to be used in its original form, but inspiring to the simple use of technology in magic. There's also some great psychological forces explained.
Pro Folio:- Andy demonstrates this prop to great effect. Showing how to use it in pre-show and during performance. The prop is explained in detail, but if you own any 'Peek' device, then watch his performance and explanation for how to get the best out of your device.
Witness For The Prosecution:- The lecture is over, but Andy has one more surprise for us. Here he calls on his friend and fellow magician, Derren Brown. Between them, they perform a 'Who Dunnit' routine in which Derren leaves the room. On his return, he correctly reveals the murderer, the weapon, the method and the victim. It's dramatic, it's entertaining and it's a great coded system, that's so easy to do.
The lecture was recorded in 2001, at a time when Derren and Andy were only beginning their huge success and impact on the magic world. Having seen the great shows they've put together since, this is a wonderful chance to look back and see the 'something special' there is between them, that started it all.
Duration approximately 90 minutes
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