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Dove Pan / Chick Pan

£32.50 - £122.00
  • Ideal for the classic 'Bake A Cake' children's routine
  • Single or double load
  • Different size & styles available

Note from Martin:

The Dove Pan is available as either a Single or Double Load - Double Load is an extra load that you pick up with the lid and having emptied the first production, you continue to produce an entire new load. The Chick Pan is currently only available as a double load, the working is as the Dove Pan, but it's a smaller size.
Dove Pan (shown in picture) is approximately 6.5" (17cm) in diameter
Chick Pan is approximately 4.5" (11cm) in diameter
The Dove Pan is an all around excellent production pan. It's called dove pan because it originally was used for the production of a live dove. In actuality, almost anything can be produced from the pan: Ideal for the bake a cake magic trick (the routine for this is supplied).
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