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Fake Cards - Matching Bicycle or Tally Ho Packs

£8.00 - £9.00
  • Blank Cards, Double Face Cards, Double Back cards etc.
  • Extremely useful for all card magicians
  • Perfectly printed by USPCC

Note from Martin:

Choose the appropriate pack of fakes required for the magic trick you are working on. If you only need one or two cards of a type, it may be better to choose the assorted fake pack (contains some of each fake).Each pack of Bicycle Fakes contains an entire 54 of the type of fake available as...
Double Face (a face card on each side)
Double Back (back design on each side)
Double Blank (Blank both sides)
Blank Face (Blank one side, back design on reverse)
Blank Back (Blank ones side, face card on reverse)
Double Blank (Blank both sides)
Assorted Fakes (A mixture of all the Bicycle Fakes, very useful pack to have on your shelf)
Tally Ho Fakes - sets contain 20 cards consisting of 4 Blank Face Red 4 Blue, 4 Double Back Red 4 Blue & 4 Double Back Red/Blue.
Made by the U.S. Playing card company, the standard packs of fakes match the regular poker size Bicycle Rider back playing cards. These are available in full packs of a single type of fake or in a pack of mixed fakes.
We also stock sets of 20 cards that are fakes for the Tally Ho Brand, both Circle or Fan Back design.
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