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Loner by Cameron Francis

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  • A named card is the only printed card in a blank pack
  • A modern version of Brainwave Deck
  • Easy to perform
  • Quick to re-set


A deck of cards is placed onto the table, a spectator is asked to grasp an imaginary suit. Then once a suit is selected, they name any card in the suit. The pack is shown to be blank on its face, one of these blank cards is now shown to the spectator as if it's their thought of card and they're asked to imagine their card is materializing and turning itself over in the pack. The cards are spread and one card is seen face down, the pack is turned over and spread again, the named card is seen to be face up among the face down cards.

No Rough & Smooth, a simple to perform effect

Tags Suitable for Zoom
Media Type Shipped Product

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Only 2 left!