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M.R.M (The Mind Reading Miracle)

  • A comical card routine with a kicker finish
  • Easy to do
  • A thought of card is revealed in a novel way
  • You'll love performing this!

A pack of cards is shown back and front, one card is merely thought of by a spectator. Now comes the fun, claiming that the pack is going to read the spectator's mind, the magician proceeds to show a mind reading card. As the card is revealed, bit by bit, the spectator's mind is apparently read in a most humorous way. But, here comes the finish...one card is placed face down on the table, the spectator names their card and turns the card up to reveal their thought of card. As if that isn't enough, the entire pack is spread to show an entire pack of the Four of Spades!

This easy to perform trick has been a huge hit, selling on demonstration in our London shop. Get this now and you'll work it right away.

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