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Paper Cuts - Armando Lucero

  • Vol. 1 (Out of Stock)
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  • The magic & thinking of a modern day master
  • Respected by his peers
  • Armando allows us into his world of secrets

Note from Martin:

For the first time in his career, Armando Lucero has decided to release the first level of his highly regarded and guarded workshop on film. The focus is on psychology and theory, on these DVDs, Armando shares his private thoughts and concepts applied to sleight of hand card magic. (It's worth noting, that these concepts can also be applied to any kind of magic).
The Paper Cuts DVDs contain a series of different routines that Armando has specifically constructed to teach lessons about the in-depth thinking required to create magical performances.
Divided into 12 different routines, including variations and concepts, Armando shares performance pieces ready for professional shows, plus thoughts and ideas to improve your magic.
What others say...
'This work exceeds any expectations. Armando is synonymous of work, perseverance, and good taste. But all above all, passion! This work is a true gift for magic' - Dani DaOrtiz
'Armando Lucero is putting something out. That sentence is reason enough to get this. I met Armando years ago and with some coins, a deck of cards, and a close-up mat at a breakfast table - he changed the way I look at magic. Every breath, every sound, every micro movement that he does is so tediously thought out and deliberate. His hands and mind were built for miracles' - Dan White
'Armando Lucero, in addition to personally being my favorite magician, is beyond question the foremost sleight of hand ;performer and magical thinker in our profession. In 80 years, he is the only magician I have ever seen whose effects look like real magic' - Johnny Thompson
'Armando never does tricks, he washes away from people's soul the dust of everyday life, with real magic, decades of passion and emotional pieces of art' - Yif
'A true master, my first teacher, and now you have the opportunity to let him guide you, too... don't miss out on that opportunity.' - Paul Vigil
A set of DVDs by magician Armando Lucero, is something that the magic world has long awaited. At last, there is a set of 4 DVDs (all available individually) containing the teachings of this master magician.
Armando Lucero has closely guarded the secrets that have made him the respected performer he is. Listed as the number one performer for any magic convention organiser, he has kept his performances and lectures restricted to a chosen few (I'm proud to say that two of those were for our own MacMillan days in London). He's also restricted any recording and publishing of his work, that's until now. There are now 4 DVDs not only showing magic performance of the highest level, but also teaching the thinking that makes it so strong.
These DVDs are aimed at the close-up card magician who wants to take their magic and step up to a new higher standard. They require studying, they require time, but in the end, I'm sure you'll agree the result is well worth it.
Contents of Volume 1
Passing Through
The Ascension
Outjog Control
Double Lift
Zarrow Shuffle (Variation)
Nullifying The Cut
Problem Solving
The Value Of Play
Intellectual Excercise
Scripting & Non Sleight of Hand
Contents of Volume 2
Betwixt Me-ish
The Knowing Card
Morphic Resonance
The Art Of Now
Plus a section on Favourite Shuffles
Pattern Interruption
Use of Multiple Methods
Intersecting Memories as Subterfuge
Audience Management
Presets & Cleanups
Contents of Volume 3
Merlin's Lost Aces
Monte & Poem
Collector's Sting
Four Pockets
From Nowhere
From Nowhere 2.0
Managing Suspicion
Change Blindness
Showing Restraint
Choices and Significance
Contents of Volume 4 (this volume is titled Secret Volume)
Bonus Materials & Interview
Retrograde Double Dealing
Rising Card
Procedural Management
Making Everything Meaningful
Stories from Armando's Life
Final Advice To Students
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  • Vol. 1 (Out of Stock)
  • Vol. 3 (Out of Stock)
  • Vol. 4 (Out of Stock)