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Rene Lavand - Double set DVD

  • One Man Show
  • Interview
  • Lecture
  • Performance

Note from Martin:

A full recording of Rene's lecture at the International Magic Convention, London, 2009. This set also contains excerpts from the lecture by Rene at an earlier convention in 1992, plus an interview conducted by Matt Field and last, but by no means least, a full recording of the 'One Man Show' presented at the Bridewell Theatre, London in 2009. This is no ordinary show, this is 80 minutes of one of the most magical journeys you'll ever experience and finishes with standing ovations from an audience of prominent magicians, with tears in their eyes - such is the emotion created by the unique magician, Rene Lavand.Lectures & performances are beautifully translated into English by Davide Costi (1992 lecture) and Tina Lenert (2009 recordings). This DVD set is more than just lectures or tricks, this is by René Lavand - a unique performer who gets real emotion into his magic. Study these DVDs and use the information they contain to take your own magic to a whole new level.
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