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Revelations DVD (with props) - David Jones

  • Wondered how to finish your routine? Look no further
  • Props are supplied and taught on the DVD
  • Theory, rights & wrongs and then the Revelations

The climax of a magic routine should leave a lasting effect on your audience! During its sixteen routines, this DVD covers a variety of ways to enhance the climax in a card routine.

Having a card chosen, lost in the pack only to simply find it again is just not enough. A good magician needs to do something more, this DVD shows you how to do just that!
Presented by professional magician, David Jones - this DVD is packed with a variety of revelations for card routines. Novel revelations, comical revelations & extremely magical revelations, they're all there, all first performed and then fully explained. Plus, you're supplied with the necessary magic props where appropriately required.
Dave Jones, begins the lecture talking about theory, explaining the rights & wrongs often seen in card magic. He then proceeds to prove the points by showing some great card magic, nothing too difficult, everything entertaining.
These routines are performed and taught:-
The Calendar Cards
This Is My Card
Happy Birthday Trick
The Up Turned Card
Cut Your Card
The Next Card
The Missing Pip
The following routines are also performed and taught, plus we supply the necessary props they require:-
52 on 1 Card
Looong Card
Cuckoo Cards
Card Silk Set
Snakey Rope
Insurance Policy
Snippit & Square Root - supplied as downloads, enabling you to print your own
What's more, there's also a variety of Card Forces, Cuts & Moves taught during the lecture!
This is great value, entertaining and full of usable material.
Duration approximately 70 minutes
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