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Ron MacMillan Lecture DVD

  • Preparation for a Manipulation act
  • Billiard Ball & Coin Magic for stage performers
  • Expert advice on loads & steals
  • Includes Ron's stage performance following the lecture

A recording of our very own Ron MacMillan lecturing to an audience of magicians in Espinho, Portugal 1991. The lecture was arranged by Portuguese magician Dick Marvel and filmed by our friend Gordon Silk.

In this lecture, Ron shows his full preparation for performing his acclaimed Billiard Ball & Coin Manipulation act. He explains how, why and where the various loads are put, meticulously adding each Billiard Ball and Stack of Coins to his outfit.
When all is ready, Ron proceeds to walk through the performance. Explaining as he does so, the methods for producing and manipulating the Coins & Balls. In this lecture, you have the opportunity to learn the skills required by an expert Manipulator, the misdirection required in stage performance, and how to pick up your loads (steal) in full view of your audience.
Added to this DVD is a recording of Ron MacMillan taken from the Gala show that followed the lecture, also some earlier footage from 1979 and Cine Film by recorded by Lewis Ganson in 1960.
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The video footage on this page is taken from the Cine Film recorded by Lewis Ganson as a short clip of Ron's Manipulations from 1960, around the time he started International Magic, his Magic Shop in London.
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