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Joker Tube

£25.00 - £37.00
  • Visual, Comical Magic
  • The Balls continuously re-arrange
  • Colourful Prop
  • Compact size

A tube with three coloured dots (representing a traffic signal) is lifted revealing a clear tube containing three coloured balls matching the dots.
The balls are collected and the clear tube re-covered. The magician now drops the balls indicidually into the tube in the order of the dots. First Green, followed by Yellow and finally Red.
The tube is lifted showing the balls have magically re-arranged their order.
This is repeated, yet the balls again magically re-arrange.
It’s done for a third time, but now with a difference. Two balls are dropped into the tube, while the third one is vanished in a bag. The tube is slowly lifted, all three balls are inside and all are in the correct ‘traffic light’ order.

Prop supplied in two options, either with or without the special bag to vanish the ball.

Ideal for children’s performers

This is a practical size and easy to work version of the classic prop.
The sizes are approximately: Outer tube diameter 6.5cm, its height 22cm and the balls are 5cm.

Tags Suitable for Zoom, Easy Magic
Media Type Shipped Product

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