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13 Steps To Mentalism - Corinda

  • A Mentalism Masterpiece
  • Includes an extra supplement written by Corinda
  • Necessary reading for all interested in Mentalism

Note from Martin:

Originally published as thirteen individual steps, Tony Corinda began by publishing the first two steps in 1957, he continued publishing and finally collated them into one book, 'Thirteen Steps To Mentalism' on completion of the final step in 1961. Each step is an in depth study of the subject, complete with tips, routines & performance suggestions.

As an added bonus, we supply a 'Supplement' giving a history of both the book and of Tony Corinda himself. It also contains a missing piece from the 'Two Person Telepathy' step, this missing piece was found by Corinda while looking through documents in his house some 50 years after the original publication.

Contents of the 13 Steps

The Swami

Pencil, Lip, Sound, Muscle Reading

Mnemonics & Mental Systems


Blindfolds & X-Rays


Book Tests

Two Person Telepathy

Mediumistic Stunts

Card Tricks

Q & A Effects

Publicity Stunts

Patter & Presentation


(Hardcover over 400 pages)

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