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Kiss Book and DVD - John Derris

  • 'Keep It Simple' - This book shows us how & why
  • Commercial magic anyone can do
  • Corporate, Close Up or Stand up, it's all covered here

Note from Martin:

On the DVD John performs the following effects, this is all practical and easy magic with props that can be made or purchased from a magic dealer.
Folding Money
Coat Hanger From Purse
Wine Pad to Card Deck
Flaming Wallet
Production of a Fish Bowl
Royal Fantasy
Pencil Thru Card
Rising Cards
Boston Box
Tip for really Instant Magic
The Origami Business Card
Big Time Brainwave
Executive Brainwave
The KISS Book is an easy to read guide of magic aimed at the Close-Up magician who wants to take their magic performance up a level in the professional world.
A taste of what's inside 'KISS'...
A simple, inexpensive way to turn one booking into ten.
How Dai Vernon used the KISS principle to fool the press.
The 30 second procedure that kills stage entrance nerves
Alex Elmsley's top tip for the perfect rising cards.
How Pat Page gave added value to secure repeat bookings.
Create an Origami business card that will always be picked up and most importantly, retained.
How Al Koran went from a London Barber's shop to New York's Broadway.
Plus there's 8 John Derris routines and the first publication of the 'Welded Bliss' effect - where a diamond and signet ring are linked and can be fully examined.
John Derris spent the early part of his Magic career mixing with some of the 'Magic Greats', many of whom are unfortunately no longer with us. ;During those years, he learnt many things, one thing in particular took his magic in a specific direction - that is the 'KISS' principle ('Keep It Simple Stupid' principle). ;In both this DVD and book, John describes routines from his professional repertoire that have taken him around the world, performing magic at the most opulent of places.
Aimed at the Close-Up performer who wants to take their magic to a higher professional level - you can purchase either the book or DVD individually, or both together at a special price
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