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My Best - Various Artistes

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  • 193 Tricks
  • Each contributor's favourite trick
  • Something for everyone

This book has something for every magician's taste - compiled of tricks by more than 100 great magicians and each contribution being their 'best magic trick'. ;If it's Close-Up magic using cards, or coins, or impromptu, if it's stand up magic, or even if you're an illusionist, there's something in this book for you. ;A total of 193 tricks that the contributors classed as their best magic tricks, make this a book for every magician, whether beginner or advanced, professional or amateur, Close-Up or Stage, there's something here for you.

Contributors are too numerous to list here, the likes of Annemann, Frederick Braue, Paul Curry, Stanley Collins, Jack Chanin, Martin Gardner, Sid Lorraine, Dariel Fitzkee and many, many more, all great names in magic and all contributors to this great book.
380 pages - soft cover
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