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The Long Goodbye - Geoff Latta

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  • Geoff Latta's Coin Magic book
  • Collection of Coin Sleights
  • Han Ping Chien applications
  • Wild Coin Effects, Coin Boxes and much, much more
The Long Goodbye is the complete collection of previously published and unpublished material of Geoff Latta. Those who witnessed Geoff Latta's Coin Magic will testify to the quality of his work, this book, finally in print, is a must for all who have an interest in coin magic.
The first section contains a collection of sleights, while the second section delves into Geoff's work with Han Ping Chien and its ground breaking applications. The third concentrates on his work on Coins Across and Transpositions. Section four gives us some excellent methods for Spellbound and some of the quirkier routines in coin magic. Section five explores Copper Silver Transpositions. Section six leads into Wild Coin Effects and multiple transformations. Then we go to Coin Boxes before the final section and climax of the book features influential moments and routines.
The above is a short synopsis of the contents, this book has so much more for the coin magician and is supplied with an accompanying DVD.
Hardcover 344 pages, 720 photographs, 48 tricks and more than 25 sleights
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Only 1 left!