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The Magic Rainbow - Juan Tamariz

  • A big book packed with magic theory
  • Tamariz's writings are considered among the best

This book by one of the world's greatest magicians, is finally available in English - The Magic Rainbow, by Juan Tamariz.

594 pages packed with magic knowledge that you'll simply love reading and refer to again and again.
Tamariz is a master at making his magic powerful, appealing to both magicians and laymen alike. In this book, he goes into great depth of how to make your magic more baffling, how to construct routines so that the audience has no way to figure out the method, plus the use of comedy, with explanations on where, why & how to mix it with magic appropriately. He delves into technical mistakes and how to deal with them during performance.
A truly great book, translated into English by Rafael Benatar.
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