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Card Craze

  • Pieces of two cut up jumbo cards are mixed together
  • They're assembled according to a spectator's instruction
  • The Magician's prediction matches both perfectly
  • No equivoque, Instant reset
  • Fully examinable
  • Only one prediction

Two Jumbo Cards, each cut into three pieces are removed from a wallet and mixed. They're then put together face down according to a spectator's instruction. When the pieced together cards are turned up, the magician's prediction is shown to match their order exactly.

Only one prediction is used, it's 100% correct, the spectator's choices are random, no equivoque, instant reset and easy to do. What's more, everything is fully examinable. 

Supplied with cards, prediction and a specially designed wallet - This is a novel trick that you'll do right away and use again and again.


Tags Easy Magic, Suitable for Zoom
Media Type Shipped Product

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