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  • A novel card prediction
  • Cards are riffled and a cartoon character finds the freely named card
  • Commercial card magic

Note from Martin:

Spectator freely names a card, the cards are then riffled and a drawn magician animates - taking off his hat, places it on the table and performs some magic, pulling a card from the hat, turning it over to reveal the chosen card.
This trick, invented by Dan Harlan, had initial popularity on its launch in the early 1990s, it was brilliantly performed to much acclaim by Jamie Raven on the Britain's Got Talent Show in summer 2015.
Available in three card types. The original version, the Bicycle version (most popular) or at a bargain price in the Pro brand version.
One of the most baffling and original of modern card tricks. A freely named card is predicted by a cartoon character printed on the back of each card. The magician simply flicks through the cards, then as a 'Cartoon Magic Trick', the cartoon character performs the trick for you.
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