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Faro Exposed - Magic Book

  • The origin, rules & history of the Faro gambling game
  • Pre-dates the Erdnase book by 20 years
  • Explains the gambling methods used at that time
  • Riffle stacking, Gaffed dealing boxes and other subterfuges

A reproduction of one of the rarest books on card cheating. First published in 1882, it was written by Alfred Trumble (a rare original copy recently sold at auction for $24,000.00), the book explains the origin, rules and history of Faro, plus sophisticated methods used by the cheats.

Pre-dating Erdnase's 'Expert At The card Table' by 20 years, Faro Exposed explains riffle stacking, gaffed dealing boxes and countless other subterfuges used to win in the game that was America's national past time.
Techniques described include rough, sanded, rounded and stripped cards, plus a host of dodges and other methods of cheating.
This limited print of 500 numbered books is published by Squash Publishing, it's 98 pages are sewn bound in a hard cover and includes a colour recreation of the original cover.
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