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Magical Mentalism Tour by Mel Mellers

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  • Any Time Impromptu Book Test
  • My Drink Prediction
  • Magic Square
  • Many other comedy mentalist effects

This is a book written by one of our favourite performers, Mel Mellers. Within the 92 pages, Mel includes routines he's created during his years as one of Britain's top comedy magicians, he also gives advice that's usable for all performers, plus there's even some of his one liners that have made him the in demand performer that he is.

Contents include:
Svengali Postcards
Any Time Impromptu Book Test
My Drink Prediction
Minor Miracle with M&Ms
Magic Square
Thumbwriter Ploy
Just Chance Running Gag
Don't Touch the Deck Revelation
Pseudo Memory Demonstration
Fairer Than That
Perfect Match
Opposites and Associations
Mind Reading Banana
Personality Cardfs
Never Repeat A Card
The Basics
The Envelope Ploy
Stand Up Any Card Any Name
Psychic Glove
Plus many more routines
92 pages paperback
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Only 3 left!