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My World

  • 'Out Of This World' - but with a big difference
  • Only two piles of cards are dealt, one for Red Cards, the other for Black Cards
  • Spectator freely chooses where each card is placed
  • Both piles are turned up, both piles are correct, one entirely Red, the other entirely Black cards
  • Faces and backs entirely shown,
  • No sleight of hand, Easy to do, Angle proof

Note from Martin:

These are Martin's notes...

The effect of dealing two face down piles of cards, with the spectator randomly choosing where each card is placed and the Red & Black cards being totally separated, is now a classic in magic. The trick was created by Paul Curry and is rightly called 'Out Of This World'. When a trick as good as this is created, it's quite natural for magicians to add variations and many have evolved over the years. 'My World' is a new variation, changing the method of achieving the effect entirely.

Here's the effect in a performance of 'My World': A pack of cards is held face down by the magician who proceeds to remove two cards, one Red, the other Black. The two cards are placed face up on the table to be used as indicators. The magician states that they represent where two piles that cards are to be dealt from the top of the pack. Proceeding to demonstrate, the spectator is requested to choose where each card goes. It's a free choice, if Red or Black are chosen, the top card is placed accordingly without any false moves. This is continued until a substantial, random amount of cards are dealt. Now, without any false moves, both piles are simply revealed. The exact amount dealt are shown to be correct on both piles. The Black pile being entirely Black cards, the Red pile entirely Red.

No changes are made during the dealing. No equivoque at any point. Spectator freely chooses where each card is placed. Both piles are freely shown back and front.

This is extremely easy to perform, supplied with the necessary requirements plus written and online instruction.

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