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Beginners Card Magic Lecture - David Jones DVD

  • A perfect introduction to Card Magic
  • Moves & routines taught by an expert
  • Easy to follow and progressive
  • Assumes no previous knowledge

Note from Martin:

David Jones taught and recorded our complete and successful magic course, he's both an expert and an excellent magician. You can watch this DVD knowing that you have the perfect method to enter the world of card magic. Moves taught are...
False Shuffles
Card Palming (1 and 2 hand methods)
Methods for Forcing
Top Change
Double Undercut
The Pass
Double Lift
Elmsley Count
Second Deal
Plus many magic tricks and routines utilising those moves.
This is a lecture that David worked on for some time before recording it. Here teaches in detail, the sleights that the beginner to card magic reads about, but struggles to perfect. ;Staring by taking a look at the type of card to use, then proceeding to the various moves and having taught each move, he shows an appropriate trick using it. The DVD is progressive - the latter part demonstrates tricks using moves that were taught earlier, making this a perfect way to learn quickly and correctly. You'll learn all the essential handling that's vital to proceed into good card magic. All that's required is this DVD, a pack of cards and of course, a little time to practice.
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