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Beginners Complete Course in Close up Magic - Dave Jones (8 DVD set)

  • A full magic course including props & video teaching
  • Perfect for those who want to learn Close-Up & Stand Up magic
  • 8 Lessons from basics to the best

Note from Martin:

This course is designed to slowly build your all-round knowledge and capability, when you've finished, you'll amaze yourself with the information that you've gained. All general Close-Up Magic is covered and all the necessary props are included. Learn to do magic anywhere at any time, or put on an entire evening's performance, it's all covered in this Magic Course. This is a set of 8 DVDs (also viewable via the internet) each one contains a lesson, and together cover a complete course in Close Up Magic. They are supplied with all the necessary props and each is extremely easy to follow. 
The lessons begin with some simple routines and principles, and gradually progress through to a fully proficient standard. 
This set is ideal for the beginner who wants to learn magic in an easy to follow and ;correct way, taught by an expert. Everything is clearly shown and perfectly explained by professional magician, David Jones, who with years of experience, clearly knows his subject. He covers everything required to get you started into top quality close up, walk around & street magic
The entire course is available as individual lessons (each of which stands alone and does not have to be watched in their running order), or as a complete course of all lessons 1 - 8.
If purchased individually, lessons 1 & 2 are offered at an introductory price and can be purchased alone here, and all the lessons are supplied with the appropriate props required.
Lessons 1:
Introduction to Magic, Thumb Tip Advice, Just Chance, Hanky Vanish & Production, Salt Vanish & Production, Cigarette Vanish, Appearing Sponge Ball, False Transfer, Shuttle Pass, Count to Ten Routine, Sponge Ball Routine.
Lesson 2:
Two in the Hand One in the Pocket, I'll Start Again, Cut & Restored Rope, Four Ace Production, Pokers Players Picnic.
(Props supplied with lessons 1 & 2: Thumb Tip, Silk Hanky, Dice, Rope, I'll Start Again, Sponge Balls, Bicycle Playing Cards).
Lesson 3:
Ambitious Card, Card At Any Number, Any Heap, Ambitious Transposition, Impossible, Card Through Table, Estimation, Card From Spectator's Pocket, Rising Card, Out Of This World, The Svengali Deck, The Stripper Deck, Two Card Routine.
(Props supplied with lesson 3: Svengali Deck, Stripper Deck)
Lesson 4:
Torn & Restored Banknote, Pen Though Banknote, Centre Tear, Chink-A-Chink, Rubber Band Through Thumb, Jumping Bands, Ring Through Band, Rising Ring, Finger Bet, Crazy Man's Handcuffs, Demanche Change, Classic Palm.
(Props supplied with lesson 4: Pen Thru Anything, Rubber Bands).
Lesson 5:
Four Ace Production (version 2), Thought Of Card To Pocket, Cards Across, Spectator Locator, Clear Transposition, Double Take, Ambitious Card, The Missing Pip, Rotten Apples, Jog Shuffle, Slip Shuffle, Card Palming (various), Double Lift, Top Change, The Pass, Double Undercut, Forcing A Card (various methods), The Glide, Flushstration Count.
(Props supplied with lesson 5: Rotten Apples, 2 packs of Bicycle Cards)

Lesson 6:
Four Way Coincidence, Colour Changing Deck, Tips & Rules On Misdirection, The Cigarette & The Lighter, Travellers, Card Under Glass, Paleface Cards, False Cut, Optical Revolve, Sleeving, Multiple Shift, Top Palm.
(Props supplied with lesson 6: Paleface Cards).
Lesson 7:
Coin In Bottle, Bottle Production, Strike Vanish, Copper Silver Transfer, Shuttle Pass, Bobo Switch, Heads Or Tails, Haunted Hanky (Glorpy), Riffle Shuffle, Ring On Pencil, The Paper Fold, Professor's Nightmare.
(Props supplied with lesson 7: Coin In Bottle, Haunted Hanky, Professor's Nightmare).
Lesson 8:
Chop Cup, French Drop, Bill In Lemon, Devil's Handkerchief, Magician's Choice, Signed Bill In Lemon, Wand Stunts, Cup Penetration, Cups & Balls.
(Props supplied with lesson 8: Cups & Balls, Chop Cup, Devil's Handkerchief, Magic Wand).
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