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Comedy Pro-File - David Hemingway

  • This is not a book to make you laugh, it's to help you make your audience laugh
  • Aimed directly at the use of Comedy in Magic routines
  • Includes a link to video footage of David's lecture and intriguing interview
  • An in-depth look at the whats & whys that make comedy work for magicians

Note from Martin:

Ideal for the magician who wants to add or improve the comedic value of their performance, or even the After Dinner Speaker and one off Speaker (Best Man wedding speech etc.), that needs some guidance and confidence. This book is supplied links enabling you to watch a live recording of David's lecture plus his 'The Magic Fly on the Wall' discussion.
It's good to laugh and this book assists the performer to add that bit of comedy into their routine. Nearly all magic performances could be improved with a little deliberate humour, this book details theory of how to make audiences laugh, so much useful information. After years of preparation, this fabulous book by David Hemingway, truly stands as the definitive handbook for Comedy Magicians. Written and collated by David Hemingway, an established performer, magical creator and successful author. This book is an in-depth look at what makes Comedy work in entertainment, particularly in Magic performance.
With this book, you are also supplied an online video link for a recording of David's lecture plus his interview by Donald Bevan titled 'The Magic Fly on the Wall'. In the lecture, you'll get to see David presenting some routines that he's performed through the years in his magic profession, along with plenty of useful hints and tips. In 'The Magic Fly on the Wall', you have a no holds barred interview by Donald Bevan. Here David talks about his career in magic, and you have the opportunity to listen to someone talking frankly and openly about his lifetime experiences as a magician, a magic dealer and a magical advisor. 
The 'Magic Fly on the Wall' talk alone is worth the price of the book, here for instance is what the great magician and entertainer, Paul Daniels wrote in 2014 after he was sent this footage on its release...
'A couple of days ago I received a DVD from International Magic by David Hemingway and Donald Bevan. It is called The Magic Fly on the Wall and even though the sound is a bit up and down my wife and I absolutely loved it, and believe me, that is VERY rare when watching magic stuff.
David holds nothing back and says it like it is. There are no tricks on it; it's a discussion about his long life in magic BUT if you listen and watch through the eyes of a pro there are dozens of hints and tips that all of us should be thinking about and applying to our performances and even about our magic clubs.
This is a great video and I have no financial interest in it whatsoever.'
Paul Daniels
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