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Leveret Playing Cards

  • Our favourite Playing cards
  • Exclusively available here
  • Printed on crushed card
  • Unique design
We're often asked 'what are the best cards for magic'? Our reply is these Leveret Playing Cards, their classic design & soft feel make them the ideal playing cards for performing Card Magic.
These quality playing cards are designed by Magic Historian, Dr. Will Houstoun. 
With a classic look and feel, they're aimed at magicians who take pride in their card work.
Printed by 'The Expert Playing Card Co.' exclusively for the International Magic Shop in London.
Note: These cards were designed for us by the Expert Close-Up Magician, Dr. Will Houstoun. Will is not just an expert in Close-Up Magic, he is editor of 'The Magic Circular', is an established consultant on and teacher of Magic, has a PhD in the history of magical education. 
Will Houstoun is also closely involved with Breathe Magic - an innovative NHS-funded programme, that successfully uses magic as a form of therapy for patient groups with mental and physical disabilities. We proudly donate 10% from the sales of this exclusive pack of cards to the Breath Foundation
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