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The 31st International Magic Competition DVD

  • Hours of performance magic
  • Twelve performers from eight countries
  • Competing for the Kevin Reay Trophy

A full recording of the 31st International Magic Competition, held at the Ron MacMillan Magic Convention, London, in November 2014, your chance to watch these magicians entertain and compete for the Kevin Reay Trophy.

Performers listed as in their running order:
Alexey Pivovaroy (Russia)
Victor Noir (Spain)
Rene Frotscher (UK/Germany)
Luis Olmedo (Spain)
Viktor Renner (Germany)
Imanol Itunio (Spain)
Sho Kitta (Japan)
Micky Wong (Hong Kong)
Daniel Collado (Spain)
Jacob Schenstrom (Sweden)
Mago Zonte (Spain)
Paul Sommersguter (Austria)
After deliberation, the panel of judges awarded 1st prize to Viktor Renner of Germany.
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