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The Magic of John Ramsay Volumes 1 and 2 Presented by Andrew Galloway DVD

  • John Ramsay's magic taught by his only pupil, Andrew Galloway
  • These DVDs contain all of his classics
  • Cylinder & Coins
  • Six Card Repeat
  • Cards To Pocket

John Ramsay was known among his peers as the 'Master of Misdirection'. During his life, he would frequently baffle and amaze both his fellow magicians and the public. His magic effects were original and powerful, they were also constructed with misdirection built into them. ;

We're fortunate that John Ramsay had one pupil, and that pupil was Andrew Galloway. Between these two DVDs, Andrew takes us through both performance and instruction of his entire repertoire of John Ramsay's magic, then at the conclusion of each DVD, we're treated an in depth talk on 'The Real Secrets of Misdirection' by Andrew Galloway.
Volume 1 contents...
The Triple Restoration
Cups & Balls
Cylinder & Coins
Ramsay Colour Change
Cards to Pocket
Puzzling Thimble
Cut & Restored Rope
Slow Motion Coin Vanish
Five Thimble Production
Six Card Repeat
Volume 2 contents...
Three Coins In The Hat
Five Fly Cards
Ten Thimble Production
Four Little Beans
The Changeling
One Cup & Ball Routine
Coins To Glass
Black & White Handkerchiefs
Okito Box Routine
The Forgotten Card Trick
Switch Is Which
The Coin & Jar
New Pocket Coin Trick
Tassled Rope Trick (performance only)
The Pegasus Coin with secrets of misdirection.
Recorded at a private location close to our magic shop in London, these two DVDs run for approximately 90 minutes each and contain vital teachings for all magicians.
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